Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's Time For You to Write

For years I have had a blog, actually since 2007. It became an outlet, a passion and a platform of sharing love. Expressing myself by writing about what was going on in my life became a way of working through adversity. I really love to write.

I have been told many times that I need to write, write a book and continue my blog, and I was even given this verse

A friend gave me a word, She told me that God gave me the gift of writing and that I needed to start writing, I remember feeling so thankful that he would even see me, let alone give me a gift. I left our gathering that night in awe and thankfulness and I went home and sat down to write and Boom! Gone! My ability to write gone! It seemed I couldn't even focus on one subject long enough to even articulate about it. I felt devastated, I kept trying, Fear and Doubt hovered in the air.  I started unknowingly letting those thoughts in and it got worse.

I would stare at the keyboard or screen for hours, not knowing where to start.

I stopped even getting my laptop out. I stopped journaling, and I stopped even doodling.

This last year I have gotten reminders that I need to be writing, I knew it wouldn't be forever however I couldn't understand what was stopping me. Recently, My sister started pointing out self sabotaging behavior she would see in me, she would point out every negative comment I made about my self, every time I would say " I can't do it" or just "I can't", slowly but surely We started to see that I was killing myself with my words, each negative word that came out of my mouth ripped away at me.


Just this week I heard myself talking to one of my loves about writing, I was telling her to just start, don't think about it just start putting words on to the paper, our conversation continued and I really started walking myself through a healing as I was talking her through her own struggle. I heard everything God was giving me to tell her and he was ministering to me the whole time as well. He's really like that, you know.

So here goes, I am on a journey, I have a purpose and part of that purpose is writing about what I see, what I am experiencing or learning.

This morning I got a text from a friend telling me that God had put me on her heart the other day.

"It's time for you to write"
Yes, It's time.